Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Incentives For Going Solar And Making The Switch To Electric Heating That's Powered By Solar Panels?


Some communities have significant incentives that make solar power more affordable for homeowners. There are often incentives for homeowners to make the switch to electric heat that’s powered by solar panels. The federal government also offers incentives for the installation of solar panels. There also are incentives that are offered at the state level, and the amount of money that you can get from them varies significantly from one state to another.

Will Solar Panels Pay For Themselves?

Solar panels almost always pay for themselves over the course of time whether you purchase a single solar panel or a large solar array. In fact, it is possible to save a large amount of money with solar panels. That is why we highly recommend that property owners in the California area make an investment into solar panels for their home. Not only do you get great benefits from tax credits to property value increase, but you will get passive income from the lesser utility bills for the property. Not to mention the environmental savings.

Why Should You Install A Solar System On Your Home Or Business?

Not only can you start saving on your electric bill immediately, but using solar panels can help to preserve the environment. One reason for this is that using solar panels reduces your consumption of fossil fuels. This can reduce air pollution, water pollution, and global warming. If you use solar panels, you will not be affected by power outages. This is because you can use a battery to store the electricity that your solar panels produced for a long period of time. Electricity might become much more expensive in the future. Homes with solar panels are always significantly less vulnerable to increases in the cost of electricity, and houses with exceptionally large amounts of solar panels aren’t vulnerable to these price increases at all.

Why Should You Go Solar Now? Aren't There Innovative New Technologies Being Developed?

Despite the fact that innovative new technologies for solar panels are being developed, installing solar panels now allows you and the environment to benefit from solar power right away. It could be a long time before the proposed technologies are developed, and the degree that these technologies would benefit homeowners is uncertain. Also, it might be possible for the new technology to be integrated into solar panels that were already built.

What Are Photovoltaics?

Photovoltaics refers to any system that converts light energy to electrical energy. A photovoltaic system uses solar panels to capture sunlight’s photons. These solar panels each have many solar cells made up of layers of different materials. An anti-reflective coating on top helps the cell capture as much light as possible.

What Are The Components Of A Photovoltaic System?
  • The photovoltaic cells (PV cells)
  • Batteries
  • A charge regulator
  • A controller for your stand alone system
  • An inverter to connect to an AC system in your home or the electric grid
  • Wiring
  • Mounting hardware
How Much Roof Space Do You Need For A Solar Array?

It depends on the amount of electricity that you need to generate. You can determine this by looking at your power bill. If there isn’t enough roof space for your electricity needs, you can install solar panels near your home rather than on the roof. In addition, your region’s climate plays a role in determining the amount of roof space that you need. If you live in a sunny climate, you won’t need as much roof space for solar panels.

Can Solar Arrays Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Solar arrays can significantly increase the value of your home. One reason for this is that they allow the new homeowner to reduce their electricity costs right away. Another reason why solar arrays increase your home’s value is that solar panels are a unique feature that can make your home more sought after by prospective buyers.